Insurance Cover for Windscreen Repair & Replacement

At Express Windscreens we understand the importance of a clear and safe windscreen for your vehicle’s integrity and your peace of mind. If you’re considering windscreen replacement and want to use your insurance coverage, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Check Your Insurance Policy: Review your insurance policy to understand your coverage for windscreen repair or replacement. Many comprehensive insurance policies include coverage for windscreen damage.
  2. Contact us to get a quote: A) Fill out the form below or B) call one of our customer service agents today on 0800 181 4773 to get a price and availability of the glass and a date we can do the work that you can submit to your insurance company. Please make sure to tell us that you wish to claim the cost back from your Insurance Policy as we need to provide you with additional information for you to make your claim. If you tell us after the Job has been completed your insurance company may not reimburse you.
  3. Contact Your Insurance Provider: If your policy includes windscreen coverage and you are happy with our quote, contact your insurance provider to check on their claims process. They will provide guidance as to whether we (Express Windscreens) can do the job for you and if we can they should provide you with the process for moving forward.
  4. Billing and Documentation: We believe in transparent billing and documentation. We will provide you with an invoice and proper documentation of all services rendered for you to submit to your insurance company to claim the money back.
  5. Quality Service, Efficient Process: Our team is committed to providing high-quality windscreen replacement services with minimal hassle. We prioritise efficiency and aim to get you back on the road safely and as soon as possible.


Express Windscreens can assist you every step of the way. Contact us today to schedule your windscreen replacement or to learn more about using your insurance coverage for your vehicle’s glass needs.

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Voluntary excess – you may have to pay a small excess if your windscreen needs replacing although it if can be repaired, you may not have to pay anything

What our customers say about our insurance cover services

Great service all round.  Made a call at 10am and by 2pm on the same day my windscreen had been sorted.  Great service and terrific value, genuinely decent people.
Highly recommended.

Tim Comley


1st class service, very friendly helpful professional service. Helped us out with same day replacement where nobody else could. Would recommend to everyone. Thank you AJ and team.

Darren Jones


Would thoroughly recommend. These guys came out quickly, explained all the costs and kept me informed throughout. Turned up on time, very quick and efficient, very courteous and cheaper than Autoglass.

Chris Bristow


Brilliant company, Matt came and replaced my windshield only 2 days after I put in a request online, when every other company said 2 weeks minimum. Saved me, can’t recommend these guys enough.

James Brimble